Start your domain with "www."

You might not know it, but your domain does not have to start with "www.". So it could be "", instead of "".

However, it is a really good idea to start with "www.". Most software will automatically create a hyperlink for something that starts with "www.". So for example will get an automatic link, while will not.

So that's why we think starting with "www." is a good idea. And it is not a case of either or. You get both. If you setup the domain name "" with us, both "" and "" will work, and both of them will take you to your site.

Only one name should be authoritative though, else you might run into what Google calls "duplicate content", two sites having the same content. That's why people who visit get redirected to, and that will be the url displayed in your browser's address bar.

* For both names to work, the DNS must be setup properly, i.e. both the root name and the www. name must point to our server.