Drupal 7

Handling long-running background tasks in Drupal 7

Chris Svajlenka has a useful post on how to use hook_cron_queue_info() :

If you have a task that must occur regularly, but will take a long amount of time to complete, the cron queue might be a good solution. For instance, if you have a lot of nodes that need to stay synchronized with a remote dataset, you might want to synchronize a large portion of them during a cron run, but would like your other cron tasks to complete in a timely manner.

Drupal provides an easy interface to adding such long-running background tasks via hook_cron_queue_info() and hook_cron().

All Drupal 7 critical bugs closed by the end of Copenhagen?

Moshe Weitzman has put down the gauntlet: close all Drupal 7 criticals before the end of Copenhagen. Currently Drupal 7 is in alpha. When all criticals are closed, the first beta will be released:

It will take a monumental effort, but I think we can close all critical D7 issues by end of Drupalcon Copenhagen.

We sprinted in Boston all day yesterday and managed to close 5 criticals, and make good progress on 5-8 more. It was exhausting and exhilirating work. It required concession and cooperation from everyone involved. ...

It has been 2.5 years since Drupal 6. Time to push this baby out.