Drupal Commerce

PCI Compliance for Ubercart and Drupal Commerce

Rick Manelius wrote a very informative block post about PCI Compliance for Ubercart and Drupal Commerce. An extract of what PCI 3.0 means for Drupal"

Version 3.0 ended the confusion entirely. Now hosted payment pages and direct post solutions fall into a new category (SAQ A-EP), which includes over 139 security controls that cover everything from anti-virus to password policy requirements. What used to be trivial (SAQ A) for most websites to achieve has become very challenging. No longer are shared hosting solutions viable. No longer can a website lag behind on updating Drupal core and contrib modules when security updates are available. No longer is it acceptable to enable php filter, allow authenticated users to use the full HTML filter, or manage a site through a shared FTP login.

Obviously at Xplain Hosting we automatically your Drupal core, taking away one of the issues. But read it all, then read Drupal PCI Compliance White Paper .

Content-Driven Commerce

The Commerce guys make the case for a unified customer experience and content-driven commerce:

Commerce Guys has been promoting the value of content-driven commerce for many years, and we are thrilled to see more and more people talking about this shift occurring in eCommerce.

What is content-driven commerce?

In particular, they point out that companies who differentiate themselves by providing a unified user experience to tell their story should consider a tightly integrated solution that provides both a rich Content Management System (CMS) and a flexible eCommerce transactional engine.

And why is it important?

5 Responsive Themes for Drupal Commerce that Look Great

Danny Sipos shows five responsive themes for Drupal Commerce:

Continuing with my series of responsive theme round-ups, here are 5 beautiful Drupal commerce themes that you should definitely know about.

Worth having a look if you are in the market for a Drupal Commerce theme.

Commerce Kickstart 2 released

If you’re planning to build, pitch, or run an eCommerce-enabled site soon, grab the new version of Commerce Kickstart and take a look (get the latest 7.x-2 release).

As a quick recap, here’s what it looks like:

Commerce Kickstart intro screen

Credit cards on file with Drupal Commerce

A tip from the commerce guys:

The Commerce Card on File module provides an API and a user interface for storing and reusing credit card data on subsequent orders within Drupal Commerce.

The module does not retain full card numbers locally but instead stores the remote ID of the full card data from the payment gateway used to validate and process your credit card transactions.

Inline Entity Form

Another tip from the commerce guys on using inline entity forms to cater for product variations:

The Inline Entity Form provides a widget for reference fields that allows inline management (add / edit / delete) of referenced entities. It provides an excellent solution to the product display -> product UI problems, allowing the products (called "variations" in the UI) to be managed from the product display add / edit page. The module also provides a more modern line item management widget, that allows store owners to edit custom fields that are attached to those line items.

Updating Completed Order Timestamps in Drupal Commerce

The subject itself might not so be interesting, but the code is helpful if you want to change or update Drupal Commerce orders.

This Rule reacts to the event "Completing the checkout process" and includes a single "Set a data value" action to update the created timestamp to the current time. Because every order save triggers a new revision, we'll have the historical creation date if we want it, but the date that matters to the customer and to administrators (i.e. the date of checkout completion) will now appear properly.

Drupal Commerce is a very powerful framework, but admittedly not target at shop owners. But it's great for site builders.

Drupal Commerce 1.1 released

Drupal Commerce 1.1 has just been released.

High points of the new release include:

  • Updates to the checkout form to improve the validation, submission, and error handling processes.
  • Bug fixes and API improvements in the Tax system resolving issues pertaining to tax inclusive product pricing.
  • Additional Rules actions to support configurable Add to Cart messages and Rules powered cart links.
  • Updates to support the latest releases of Drupal, Entity API, Rules, and Views.