Drupal Hosting Plans

Our plans depend on how much you use. Many hosting companies throttle your site if you use too much. At Xplain Hosting we don't limit your site. We simply give it more capacity. New sites start at the lowest plan, and will be automatically upgraded to the next highest applicable plan when they get busier.

Resource consumption is calculated in page views. Many tools, such as Google Analytics, will give you that information.

Prices are in USD.


PlanMax daily page viewsDescriptionPer month
US Tiny150For sites that receive very little traffic. Also useful during development.20.00
US Small5,000Suitable for many small sites.30.00
US Moderate10,000Suitable for corporate sites where the website mainly displays information. The majority of sites will not exceed 10,000 page views per day.40.00
US Large20,000Suitable for sites with some serious traffic and where the site is the main source of income, supporting several people.50.00
US XL60,000Suitable for websites with a lot of social interactivity or which are marketed heavily..70.00
US XXL120,000Suitable for sites which receive serious traffic and which are getting close to deserve their own set of servers.100.00
Ultran/aIf you go beyond these page requests, you will need your own server(s). Contact us to discuss options.

Besides hosting, we also offer the following services:

  • SEO advice and implementation;
  • 3rd level technical support for your Drupal staff
  • Drupal code review
  • A strategic website review
  • Social media consultancy
  • Strategic Drupal consultancy