Import an existing site

Do the following when importing a new site:

  1. Add any modules your site is using using the Drupal Module Manager (found on the control panel for your site). If a module you are using is not listed, see step 3.
  2. Checkout the site locally. You will find the url on the info tab when you go to your site via the control panel.
  3. Copy modules your site uses which you could not add using the Drupal Module manager to /sites/all/modules. Use svn add to add them, then commit.
    If a newer version of the module is available, it would be best to install that obviously.
  4. Do the same for any themes under /sites/all/themes.
  5. Do the same for any libraries under /sites/all/libraries.
  6. Copy files /sites/default/files to your local site. Do not add them to svn.
  7. Make sure your local site has access to the database, and go to /update.php to run any updates.
  8. Check if the site works.
  9. Make sure all changes are committed.
  10. Upload your local database to the staging site.
  11. Upload files under sites/default/files to the staging site using rsync or scp or any tool that can copy files across an ssh connection.
  12. Verify the staging site works.
  13. Make the site available on live by going to your live site, and clicking to merge staging to live button.
  14. Download the staging database, and upload it to the live database using the buttons in the control panel.
  15. Click on the copy new files from staging button in the control panel of your live site to move the files from sites/default/files on staging across to the live site.
  16. Make sure your ip address points to ip hosting. Your control will give a warning message if that's not the case.