The Best Drupal Hosting Features

There are many options when hosting your site: self-hosted, managed hosting, cloud or non-cloud. What should you choose? We've prepared the following feature list to help you decide:

FeatureSelf-hostedShared hostingXplain Hosting
Runs Drupal
Optimised for Drupal
Easy setup Drupal from various Drupal distributions
Webfonts: use any typekit font for free
Server environment kept up-to-date and patched
Automated backups
Don't worry about heavy traffic (scales with demand)
Both a staging and live site
Push updates from staging to live
Drupal automatically patched to latest version
Drupal support
Drush manual install
Subversion (source code repository) manual setup
Multiple developer access (including separate Subversion accounts) manual setup
PHP curl/imap/pear, PECL upload progress, 64MB per PHP process
Apache rewrite, geoip, deflate modules manual setup
phpMyAdmin manual setup
Download entire Drupal site with one click
Download backup of database with one click

Need something we haven't listed explicitly? Just ask!