Neerav Mehta

Drupal Performance Optimization Checklist

Neerav Mehta presents an exhaustive list of things you can do to make your Drupal site fly:

You must have read plenty of articles on how to tune your Drupal site to improve its page load times. This post assembles an exhaustive list of all the configurations and tweaks you can do to improve Drupal's performance.

Note that many optimisations mentioned by Neerav come default with Xplain Hosting such as Varnish and access to memcache.

Code quality guidelines for large Drupal projects

Neerav Mehta writes about Drupal code quality, many good tips:

Are you wonderig what code quality guidenlines your Drupal developers should follow in addition to Drupal's coding standards to make the code readable, secure and performant? What are the best practices so that developers can follow each other's code easily and make code review faster?