Drush commands for every day usage

Fluffy writes about everyday Drush commands:

Drush stands for "Drupal shell" which means a powerful tool for managing Drupal installation from command line interface. Drush provides a lot of useful commands for dealing with a cache, modules, cron, database etc. But some of contrib modules also provide some extra drush commands for specific functionality (like features module comes with commands for managing features). Here's a bunch of a useful drush commands which I use every day.

Drushful Thinking

Mike Crittenden gives an intro to drush, but even people who have been using drush a lot can learn things from this post:

If you’re asking that question right now then congratulations! You are one of the lucky people who will have your life changed today! Cancel everything and read up on Drush, the command line bridge to Drupal.

Everybody knows about Drush, ya Dingus!

That’s more like it. Who doesn’t love Drush, right? Right!

But more and more, I find myself seeing people reinventing things that Drush already handles because they just don’t know all that Drush can do. It’s getting frustrating, and I want to fix that.

Use the full power of Drush

Artyom Miroshnik gives a nice overview how powerful and easy to use drush can be. He covers:

  1. Drush out-of-box commands
  2. Drush contrib commands
  3. Drush Aliases
  4. Improve your workflow with drush


Try using Drush wherever it’s possible and you will save your time!

We agree!

Drush 6 released

Drush 6 was released 2 weeks ago:

The highlight of Drush 6 is the new outputformat system. You can now request Drush output in easily parsed formats like json, csv, yaml etc.

We need to complete some other big projects at Xplain Hosting first, but hope to make Drush 6 available in 2 months.