Danny Englander

Drupal Architecture: Using File Entity, Wysiwyg, and View Modes to Build Rich Media Experiences

Danny Englander suggests Drupal programmers should use view modes more:

I'm a big fan of Drupal's view modes. View modes are simply a way of defining what gets displayed on a given page within certain contexts such as a teaser, homepage, or view. Drupal comes with a few default view modes, but you can also build and theme your own. These serve as a means to build landing pages and complex layouts that pull in various blocks, nodes, entity references, views, and more.

View modes are great to work with from a theming standpoint, as you can have a very minimalist codebase. I do like Panels and Panelizer for architecting complex pages and wrote about it here a while back. Panels and Panelizer have certain uses that are good, but custom view modes seem to accomplish similar tasks with less overhead while sometimes being more maintainable.

Drupal Architecture: Using Custom View Modes and Entity Reference For Building Landing Pages

Danny Englander has a great post about using a custom view mode to create a home page for example. It's a pattern that's not much used, and deserves wider recognition:

In a Drupal 7 context, sometimes we tend to think of the landing page paradigm in terms of using modules like Views, Panels, Panelizer, and Display Suite. These are all very good modules and do a nice job to build such pages. ... In this article, I'll show an alternative way using Entity Reference and Custom view modes

The idea behind this is that we have an online magazine and we want a landing page for each issue. This method can apply to anything really, though it might not fit all use cases. I'm a big fan of this method which I recently discovered and for all its minimalism, it gets you a lot.