Headless Drupal with Angular JS and Bootstrap - Hello World

Tyler Frankenstein presents a short introduction to headless Drupal:

This tutorial describes how to build a very simple de-coupled Drupal web application powered by Angular JS and Bootstrap. The inspiration for writing this tutorial came after completing my first Angular JS module (angular-drupal), which of course is for Drupal!

Setting Up Drupal Bootstrap

Martin White writes about setting up Bootstrap, a reliable, responsive front-end framework to base their website/drupal theme upon:

For those looking for a reliable, responsive front-end framework to base their website/drupal theme upon, Twitter Bootstrap can be hard to beat. Luckily there is an existing, contributed theme available to take out the hard work of integrating Bootstrap and Drupal... Well nearly all the hard work.

This step by step tutorial hopes to serve as an extension to existing documentation for Drupal Bootstrap and strives to fill in a few blanks and signpost the odd 'gotcha' that can potentially leave the novice banging their head against their monitor. It assumes you already have a decent grasp of the drupal folder structure and a knowledge of LESS CSS preprocessor.

Video: Better Content Formatting Using CK Editor, Bootstrap & Drupal

Brent Bice has a useful video post on how to improve content formatting on Drupal. As we all know, out of the box, that's not impressive:

We've modified CK Editor to make it much more user friendly for those of you working with content on a daily or weekly basis:

It includes several pre-configured, Bootstrap features that can easily be mixed and matched to create an infinite number of page layouts.