Presentation: Backdrop: A Drupal Fork

Khalid Baheyeldin of 2bits recently did a presentation on Backdrop, a Drupal upgrade built on Drupal 7, not a complete rewrite like Drupal 8:

Backdrop is a fork of Drupal, based mostly on Drupal 7.x, and mostly compatible with its API. It also has some features from Drupal 8.x. It aims to provide an alternative that reduces the cost of ownership by minimizing the learning curve for developers.

Check out their powerpoint presentation.

Xplain Hosting is contemplating support for Backdrop.

HUGE! A Drupal site with 381 modules, 174GB MySQL database, and 200 million row tables

Khalid Baheyeldin has done a talk on a gigantic Drupal site. He has just released the slides. Some detail:

18GB database dump; using the traditional gunzip ­c db.sql.gz | mysql dbname would take 10+ days to complete!!

Fascinating to see what issues he has to struggle with if you get to such a size.