Case studies

Xplain Hosting has hosted the website of Amnesty International New Zealand since November 2008.

Mrs. Vivian Chandra, IT Manager, explains why Amnesty switched to Xplain Hosting:

"Our previous provider was a generic web host so their servers weren't configured properly for Drupal.

For example, the Apache rewrite module and PHP GD libraries were not available, and there were other configuration settings that weren't optimal for Drupal.

By switching to Xplain Hosting, we no longer have to worry about configuration problems like that. Drupal is all they do - so of course their servers have the best, Drupal optimized configuration possible.

What I love the most about Xplain Hosting, is how the service provides regular patching against Drupal vulnerabilities.

With Xplain Hosting, I no longer have to worry about minor updates to the Drupal core - it's already done for me. It's a big worry off my shoulders.

So if you're looking for Drupal hosting, I highly recommend Xplain Hosting."