Massive D7 performance improvements - community testing needed

yched posted a nice Drupal 7 performance improvement patch:

The _field_info_collate_fields() memory usage issue has a D7 patch that brings massive performance enhancements, by implementing more granular loading of field and field instance definitions.

The exact impact depends on the number of entity types, bundles and fields. An an example, a core setup with 10 node types, 50 fields on each node type sees:

  • frontpage with 10 nodes: -5% CPU, -25% MemUse
  • node/%nid: -22% CPU, -60% MemUse/li>

That's a bare core install, with a fairly large number of fields. Numbers on an actual site, with additional contrib modules taking part in the page generation, will probably be lower - still the improvements should be quite noticeable.

He likes to receive user testing so this can make it in the next D7 update.