A First Look at the Backdrop CMS

Not everyone is happy with the direction Drupal 8 has taken. Backdrop is a continuation of the Drupal 7 code base and style. Ethan Teague has a good introduction:

On its philosophy: the first and most defining tenet of which is to serve small businesses, non-profits, schools or just any organization that doesn't have a big budget. By continuing to use most of the now familiar D7 API, Backdrop lets devs work with and extend what they already know, thereby lessening the talent pool strain which in turn leads to more affordable web development solutions.

A second tenet of the Backdrop philosophy is that it should be easy to use. Site builders who don't have coding experience should be able to use it without a lot of ramp up time.

And the article continues with a good list of differences and advantages of Backdrop over D7.