Drupal 8 Has All the Hotness, but So Can Drupal 7

Kyle Hofmeyer writes on bringing Drupal 8 features to Drupal 7:

Drupal 8 is moving along at a steady pace, but not as quickly as we all had hoped. One great advantage of this is that it gives developers time to backport great core features in Drupal 8 as contrib modules in Drupal 7. My inspiration and blatented rip-off for this blog comes from the presentation fellow Lullabot, Dave Reid, gave at Drupalcon Austin on how to Future-Proof Your Drupal 7 Site. Dave’s presentation was more about what you can do to make your Drupal 7 “ready” where this article is more about showing off Drupal 8 “hotness” that we can use in production today in Drupal 7 sites.


My overall goal is to show you what you can have now without having to wait for Drupal 8.